low-cost licensed therapy for interns and associates

Earning your hours is hard work.

As a counseling or MFT intern, you are juggling clients for free or sliding scale while possibly also working elsewhere to pay your bills. You are scheduling meetings with a supervisor who you have to pay- probably a higher fee than the clients you are meeting to discuss pay you! How are ends supposed to meet during an internship?! And what if I have my own “stuff” I need to work on in therapy?

The therapy that I did with a Marriage and Family Therapist when I was in grad school was THE MOST IMPORTANT work I have done in my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and I certainly wouldn’t be the psychotherapist I am today, if not for having had the opportunity to participate in my own personal psychotherapy at that time.

This is why I offer low-fee therapy to interns and associates. I know how important having support with your personal growth and healing is- especially when you are working for cheap and paying a supervisor. And especially during the major life transition of becoming a therapist.
There is a ton of sliding-scale counseling available in Austin, but as a counselor-in-training, it is really critical that you work with someone who isn’t a classmate, isn’t in training themselves, and is fully-licensed to give you the support you need while you work on your own license.


I want to make therapy more accessible to provisionally-licensed counselors,


and social workers.

Henceforth, if you are working on your hours, you certainly want help with the deeper stuff that comes up for you while you during this process. This is the personal countertransference stuff that’s not appropriate to get into in supervision. Also, you know (more than ever, probably) that you need to work out some issues in your past that you haven’t ever gotten to address. Furthermore, you just want to acquire the empathy of knowing what it is like to be in the client’s seat.

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