Your Healthy Relationship With Your Body


Many of us grew up in a household where at least one parent was eternally trying to lose weight.

Diet culture has become so normalized that we have become used to the idea that it is natural that everyone, especially if you are in a female body, should be “trying to lose weight” at all times. It is something that so many people say, without even knowing what they mean by it.

The idea of accepting our bodies as they are, even if we would like them to be different in one way or another, is a radical concept.

Constant unrest with the skin I am walking around in creates added tension, frustration, and unhappiness.

Sexual and physical trauma, elite athleticism, and aesthetic competitions can be prerequisites for losing touch with one’s body.

If you have disconnected from your body and lost connection with the knowledge that your physical self innately has for you, you can learn how to explore and restore your relationship with exercise and your body.

*We are inviting women 18-49 in Central Texas to a confidential, on-going Austin Body Image Group program. Meeting weekly on Sunday afternoons, alternating online and in-person, body image group members support one another in healing the obsession with comparing, judging, and shaming themselves.

***NOW TAKING REGISTRATIONS for on-going weekly group.

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Austin Disordered Eating and Body Image Therapy


“There’s nothing like other people to help bring perspective to your life and thoughts. I find group highly valuable for that reason. Plus it’s a wonderful way to gain a community of other women going through something similar.”         

~previous group participant


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Austin Disordered Eating and Body Image Therapy