I assist in personal growth so that your relationships can be satisfying and fulfilling. Your True Self, your Healthy Self, is smarter and stronger than any of the negative voices that can sound so loud.

I’m a psychotherapist, fitness specialist, and I am certified by the American Council on Exercise. I team with people who want to heal relationships with their bodies. I guide clients towards self-acceptance so you can gain the audacity to make radical changes and learn to trust yourself.



I am honored to support my clients in empowering themselves and improving their relationships. Please contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment here.



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Emotions in and of themselves have no moral value; they are neither good nor bad. They are just sirens alerting us of something we should pay attention to. If we learn to listen to them instead of always obeying them, they can be very good teachers. We need to be aware that our emotions can mislead us because we often misread the situation. Emotions are far too self-referential and based in our early practiced neural responses, or what some call our defense mechanisms. Our basic “programs for survival,” which are the source of most emotions, are largely in place by the age of four or five. The three most common programs involve the needs for 1) survival and security, 2) affection and esteem, and 3) power and control.
~Richard Rohr

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