I am an Austin-based psychotherapist and fitness professional working with clients throughout Texas. Certified by the American Council on Exercise, I assist people in releasing problems with food and their body to find peace, energy, and satisfaction in life. Online therapy Texas

Many people want to heal relationships with themselves, even though they may have struggled for years.

  • “I feel guilty after I eat.”
  • “I think I am binge eating.”
  • “People tell me I exercise too much. I just like to exercise- what’s the problem?!”
  • “When it comes to food, I feel out of control.”

Some people come to me hoping to heal their relationships with others. 

  • “I wish I could just get my partner to listen.”
  • “We used to get along so well. Now we can’t even communicate.”
  • “Will I always be in a codependent relationship?”

My clients find relief from difficult feelings.

  • “I don’t know if I can trust myself anymore.”
  • “Some days, it feels almost too difficult to get going. Is this depression?”
  • “I don’t know why I feel so much anxiety. I wish I could be around people more easily.”


You can learn to trust yourself.

You can gain the audacity to make radical changes.

Through online therapy and downtown Austin office meetings, I am honored to support my clients in empowering themselves.

Body image groups for women, hosted online and in-office, allow group members to find sanity and serenity with their physical selves while building community through relationships with other women.



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