“I never imagined that I could get dressed without trying on 4 different things, working up more hate for how each item looked on me. I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror anymore. Sometimes I think, ‘oh- I need a haircut,’ or ‘I look as tired as I feel,’ but it isn’t so emotional anymore. I can be okay with wanting to improve my appearance without being obsessed with how bad I think I look.” 


What else could you be thinking about if it wasn’t your size or shape? How many other things could you do with your life if your primary goal wasn’t changing how you look?


You can learn to trust yourself.


You can gain the audacity to make radical changes.


Body image groups for women, meeting each Sunday online and in-office, allow group members to find sanity and serenity with their physical selves while building community through relationships with other women.


Schedule a consultation to find out more about body image groups, supervision for Marriage and Family Therapist Associates, or licensed therapy for LPC-Interns, LMSWs, and LMFT-Associates.