Kathryn’s intention with MOVE sessions is to assist you in

1 gaining awareness of your physical self

2 challenging the mindset associated with unbalanced exercise and

3 improving your relationship with your body.

This is done through structured movement therapy involving muscle conditioning, cardiovascular training, coordination skill development and improving mobility, all while processing thoughts and emotions throughout structured fitness sessions.

You will have the opportunity to redefine your relationship with fitness through collaborative application and education about balanced and healthy exercise.

Balanced fitness training is beneficial to recovery from body dysmorphia, addiction, depression, anxiety and eating disorders, as well as for overall health in individuals who are medically stable.

Kathryn’s Health at Every Size (HAES) -informed therapy includes focus on self-acceptance and on reducing judging and comparing perspectives that drive over-valuation on size and shape.

Specific activities that may accompany therapeutic work can include (but are not limited to) walking, yoga, dance therapy, bodyweight training, and play with balls, hoops, and other props.

Together, you will explore what a healthy relationship with fitness can look like and you will develop a plan to increase your enjoyment with movement to continue with it on your own, beyond your MOVE sessions.


MOVE sessions are ideal components of recovery for individuals who:

•have lost a once positive relationship with exercise and wish for assistance in regaining it

•are curious about the idea of feeling joy with movement, having not yet found it for themselves

•have lost access to previously enjoyed forms of movement and want to find new ways of re-connecting to physicality

•wish to thrive in life after more intensive treatment


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Kathryn Gates, LMFT-S is certified by the American Council on Exercise to assist clients in adopting and sustaining healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent, mitigate and even reverse chronic diseases. She is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor and serves clients nationally as well as locally in Austin, Texas.