Client Forms

*Required forms Informed Consent & Financial Agreement must be initialled, signed and emailed to your therapist prior to your first meeting.

Psychotherapy Intake For

Couples Intake Health Management Form

Release of Information Care Coordination Form

Coaching Informed Consent

It is important to Gates Therapy that payment for your services be done consciously. Therefore, credit cards are not automatically charged, requiring you to intentionally bring in and hand your therapist cash or check, or send funds via Venmo.

Please note that you will be asked to pay for sessions you do not attend, even in the event of an emergency, if less than 24-hours notice is given.

Due to the inevitability of un-expected schedule changes happening from time to time, each client will have one late cancellation waived within the course of his or her treatment. After that, any scheduled session, if not re-scheduled within the same week, will need to be paid.

Therefore, when possible, please reschedule within the same week, if you are unable to give more than a 24-hour cancellation notice.

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