Your Healthy Relationship With Your Body

Most of us grew up in a household where at least one parent was trying to lose weight.

Diet culture has become so normalized that much of media talks about losing weight as though it is natural that every person is or should be “trying to lose weight.” It is something that so many people say, without even knowing what they mean by it. For many, it has just become a passive, painful knowing that

I’m not right the way I am.

The idea of

accepting our bodies as they are

even if we would like them to be different in one way or another, is a radical concept.

Constant unrest with the skin I am walking around in creates added tension, frustration, and unhappiness.

We are not able to change anything, until we first accept the way it is right now. Whether there is something about us that is ultimately our greatest desire that it become, we can’t put efforts to changing it as long as we are putting efforts into resisting it, hating it, or wishing it were different.

Acceptance is a requirement.

To feel okay in our bodies.

It has to come first.