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The Cost of Not Getting Therapy

When you need therapy, the cost may not be as important as starting sessions right away. Without the help you need, your mental health can deteriorate rapidly. You feel worse, have more symptoms of your mental disorders, and may even take drastic measures to relieve your suffering. Putting your therapy as a top priority can help you regain your mental health and avoid problems in the future. Choosing to talk to a therapist, on the other hand, can help you feel, think, and behave in healthier, more adaptive ways.

Why Prioritize Therapy?

You may choose to put a high priority on therapy. Of course, your basic needs have to come first. However, you may find that you use your time and money to do things that don’t provide nearly as much value to you. Aside from the direct benefit of improving your mental health, therapy may offer a variety of benefits that affect your daily life.

Through therapy, you can learn to cope with work issues, communicate more effectively, and improve your self-esteem. When you do this, you may find that you’re more successful in your career. If your focus is on creating a happier and more peaceful relationship, your home life may become more enjoyable. Also, if you deal with a mental health issue before it becomes severe, you can avoid the cost of hospitalization and downtime at work.

Budgeting for Therapy

Anyone can choose to improve their mental health through therapy. If you don’t qualify for sliding scale therapy or therapy at a community mental health agency, chances are you can squeeze enough money from your budget to take this important step. Sit down and go over your budget for anything you can cut to make room for it. Remember that if you are having a short-term or situational problem, this will be a temporary item in your budget.

Practical Considerations

When you see a therapist in your local community, you also have to cover the costs of going to therapy. For example, you have to pay for transportation. If your counselor is far from your home, you may also have to eat away from home. Also, you may have to miss work, which typically adds up to at least two hours’ pay if you work by the hour. Besides these monetary costs, you may appear to be unreliable on the job.

However, with online therapy, you bypass these costs. You can have therapy wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection – even in your own home, thus eliminating the transportation costs. You can schedule therapy sessions at a time that’s convenient for you and doesn’t cause you to take any time away from work.


Psychology Self Help Books


Have you ever wondered if it might be helpful to “go talk to someone”?

Investing in therapy involves time, money, and a desire to make changes with the help of a qualified clinician. Maybe you have considered family therapy or couples counseling after a transition or a break-up. At some point, you’ve likely felt like you have less control in some aspects of your life than you’d like.

psychology self help books

“But can’t I get better on my own? Do I have to go to psychotherapy?”

There are, at the very least, things you can do which will move you forward from where you are now. And if you choose, will prepare you for work with a counselor and possibly make therapy even more effective.


Do NOT See A Therapist: until you’ve done these 5 things