Student Clinic

Jennifer Merrill is a graduate student and counselor in training studying at Northwestern University for her Master of Arts in Counseling. As a beginning counselor, she is prepared to work with clients having difficulty with anxiety and depression.

Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from California State University Sacramento. Since then, she has worked with many different people in Nigeria, South Korea, and with diverse populations within the United States as a teacher, coach, and volunteer. While working in these capacities, she recognized that many people were suffering beyond her ability to help. She desired to have an ability to assist in a deeper way. Because of this, she is pursuing her master’s
degree in counseling.

Jennifer believes in a collaborative approach to regaining hope and well-being. She feels that we can overcome challenges by addressing our past, gaining understanding of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the present. Through this understanding we can heal and feel a full range of emotions as we relate to others and find meaning for ourselves.
Jennifer lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and children. She enjoys running and spending time with her family.

For information on working with Jennifer, or to schedule an appointment, contact Gates Therapy here.