Online Therapy

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to come to the office for your therapy session.
Though much is gained from in-person sessions, online therapy sessions are a valuable adjunct.
We can continue our work together, even when meeting in the office is out of the question.

There are several reasons my clients appreciate doing therapy sessions online. Obviously, convenince is key- sickness or travel can sometimes make office sessions impractical. But therapeutically, there are additional benefits to occassionally IMing our sessions. I’ve found that when chatting online, people communicate differently. Sometimes, things that had yet to ever be said or addressed in face-to-face sessions come up more easily from behind the privacy of a keyboard.

Online sessions are typed. Writers, introverts, and creatives often PREFER it, at least some of the time.

Instructions for Online Therapy set-up:

1. If you do not already have it, download Skype.
For additional information on Skype and related queries about Skype services, please visit

2. Please email your username to therapist, so a contact request can be made.
Kathryn’s username is “RynWellness.”

3. Payments are expected at the time of service.
In the event that current credit card information is not already on file, payment can be mailed to Kathryn at the address on the bottom left of this page.

4. Please log in to the downloaded Skype application (not the website) five minutes before your online session, to ensure connection prior to scheduled start time. Sessions end 50 minutes from scheduled start time.

Don’t hesitate to call with any questions or to switch methods of distance therapy
(phone sessions can be used in lieu of IMing).
Your comfort is of utmost priority, so please communicate openly with your therapist.

Please note:

By scheduling an online therapy session, you agree to the following Informed Consent.
Due to the nature of internet use, my confidentiality is less guaranteed than when meeting in person. It is my therapist’s priority to keep all of our interactions private, and I will not hold my therapist liable for information about me, which may be accessed by third parties due to internet hacking or other illegal activities. I understand that Skype instant message conversations are encrypted with strong encryption algorithms, and are therefore assured by Skype to be secure and private during transmission.

I am freely giving my consent for treatment without undue influence and this form indicates my consent is appropriately documented.

By scheduling a session using online therapy, I agree that I’ve been explained the limits of confidentiality by which my therapist abides. These include: knowledge of harm to a minor or a dependent elder, and may include knowledge of self-harm. These are the only instances in which my therapist will knowlingly disclose identified information about me and my treatment without my written consent. In the event that I’d like information about me to be shared with another party, I will sign a Release of Confidentiality for that particular party.