low-cost licensed therapy for interns and associates

Earning your hours is tough.

As an intern, you are juggling seeing clients for free or sliding scale, paying a supervisor, and working elsewhere to pay your bills, you may not have the money to see a fully-licensed counselor at the standard market rate of psychotherapy. Likewise, the sliding scale option to see a practicum student or another intern counselor  to work on “your stuff,” doesn’t feel right, either.

For someone working to become a therapist, it makes sense that firsthand experience as a client WITH a fully-licensed therapist would be most appropriate. I wish I’d been able to afford quality work with an experienced therapist while I was working on my hours. And the work I did with a licensed therapist while I was in grad. school was invaluable.


I want to make therapy more accessible to provisionally-licensed counselors,


and social workers.

Henceforth, if you are working on your hours, you certainly want help with the deeper stuff that comes up for you while you work with clients. This is the more personal countertransference stuff that’s not appropriate to get into in supervision. Also, you know you need to work out some issues in your past that you haven’t ever gotten to address. Furthermore, you just want the empathy of knowing what it is like to be in the client’s seat.

50-minute sessions are $85 for provisionally-licensed counselors who are working on their hours.

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