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LMFT Supervisor Austin

“I would highly recommend supervision with Kathryn Gates. She helped me gain confidence, learn skills, obtain knowledge, and think through not just work with clients, but note taking, payment taking, paperwork, and record keeping. I still use some of the processes she taught me. I also really enjoyed discussing theory and the practice of therapy with her. I feel like I learned a lot and was allowed to explore for myself in a very supportive environment.”

LMFT Supervisor Austin

Your 3000 hours as an LMFT-Associate are arguably the most important period of your career. It is when you discover who you are as a therapist, what you are good at, what you are drawn to, and what not to do.

My relationship with LMFT-Associate supervisees is supportive and collaborative as we bring out who you are as a therapist. Beyond techniques and interventions, I am interested in developing your instrument: yourself. Getting to know who you are in the therapist’s chair and how you are best fueled contributes to your career being fulfilling and successful. This ultimately makes you attractive to clients because you are confident and comfortable in yourself and how you provide support.

I work with couples and families from an Imago and Bowen Family Systems perspective and I see individual clients through a systemic lens, employing techniques from ACT, CBT, and Narrative Theory. I facilitate Body Image Groups for Women, so if you are interested in group work, I’m happy to support you in that aspect of therapy. The Enneagram is an invaluable key for me, so Associates with an interest in the Enneagram will be welcomed! With qualified candidates, I’m open to exploring what theories and applications work best for you in the room with your clients.


Supervision with me is not:

  • Weekly lectures – Some supervision sites provide a didactic structure, which may be preferable to some Associates. My supervision is not a classroom: you’ve completed grad. school and will have years of Continuing Education Credits ahead of you. LMFT-Supervision with me is collaborative, conversational, and exploratory.
  • A “Supervision Farm”- I am selective about the Associates with whom I choose to supervise. You will not fall between the cracks or feel not known as we develop our working relationship.
  • Extra projects and homework- Some supervisors are highly structured in the format of weekly meetings and their expectations for work outside of weekly supervision meetings. This is helpful for some, however supervision with me is more ideal for Associates who are responsible enough to thrive without added busy-work assignments. We have evaluations that each of us completes twice a year and regular check-ins in hours. Unless warranted or requested, no other formal assignments will be required for me beyond what is required by the LMFT Board.
  • A place to see clients in exchange for supervision- Working with me as your LMFT-Supervisor is ideal for associates working in clinics, treatment facilities or your own private practice. You pay me directly for supervision and make your money from your work as a therapist separately.

LMFT-Supervision with me is:

Collaborative– We work together to develop your skills, abilities and intuition. This includes direct contact hours with your clients and how you manage your career as a Marriage and Family Therapist.
Supportive– Your supervision is both a place to celebrate your successes and be real about your insecurities and mistakes. I work with my supervisees on your specific strengths and growth areas so that you can hone the things you are naturally great at and keep an eye on the things you tend to struggle with, forget about, or ignore.
A place to develop your professional instincts– You came to this field for meaningful personal reasons. What makes you a good therapist is probably not that you memorized theories the best in your class or that you scored high on your licensing exam. These elements are important, but not as important as getting good at understanding yourself and your clients. Understanding people is what is developed post-grad school. Developing yourself as a therapist and as a full human being is what makes a good therapist. This is what our focus will be in your clinical supervision experience!

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Let’s find a time to discuss your career as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

LMFT Supervisor Austin