decolonizing fitness


What a privilege it is to forget that you live in a particular body…

white people can do that. Black people can’t do that.

~ Bruce Springsteen


Decolonizing Fitness, as a collective, was birthed from the need for folks (i.e. fat, trans, queer, people with disabilities,  people over 65) who have historically not felt welcomed in fitness spaces to have better access to inclusive services. (Ilya Parker)


As a former professional dancer, then becoming a yoga teacher, the inherent Queer and Trans* exclusion, and discrimination within these industries, led May to where they are today.

May Nicholson (they/them) is dedicated to liberating hearts and minds of limiting biases and beliefs, with particular focus on issues related to their LGBTQIA+ family.

May now teaches others how to create access, equity, and inclusion for their LGBTQIA+ siblings. They facilitate spaces that focus on LGBTQIA+ inclusion and validation education with an intersectional lens all while remaining rooted in wellness.

May believes that the systems that harm all marginalized people actually harm us all. These systems have created beliefs that are so deeply ingrained in each of us.

Check out a brief interview about inequality in the fitness industry, why it is problematic, and how consumers can be part of a positive change.

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