5 Reasons to Accept Your Body and How to Do It




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If you want to continue your healing and growth each week…

You have access to The Body Acceptance Project, the supplemental readings and exercises for a Body Image support group in Austin, Texas.

Every Thursday, you’ll receive action items, exercises, and experiments to tryand ideas to journal on or discuss with someone, aimed to show you how to accept your body and feel relief and freedom.

The truth is, anyone can find acceptance in the body they live in. Some societies make it harder than others. But this project wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t possible. And beyond being possible, accepting yourself and your body makes life so so so so much better.

You aren’t alone when you look in the mirror and feel worse than you did before. And you don’t have to feel that way. For weekly insights and action-items to feel better about your body, whether it gets smaller/leaner/stronger/shorter/lighter/bigger/curvier/darker/skinnier/straighter/softer or not, click the BAP logo below: