That year, my body, never a temple, became a haunted house. I tried to reduce the number of rooms I carried, shutting the doors on my love handles, narrowing the hallways of my loose upper arms, and collapsing the great hall of my gut. If I made myself into a tiny studio apartment, I reasoned, I might banish all the ghosts that clung to my bones. If only I had known that as the fat dissolved, the ghouls hiding in it would wake up and begin their rampage. I would get skinny, yes. Some days I would try so hard you’d think I was trying to burn this motherfucking house down.

Elissa Washuta, My Body is a Book of Rules


Despite the scientific approach to healing your body image that we’ve undertaken in the past month,

the emotions woven deeply into how

and why

we relate to our bodies

are intricate.

What do you connect with in the above quote?  What would you tweak to make it applicable to your experience?